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Forced Order
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who appeared at i got7 ep 2?'He's from 2pm guys'
Cherry hair? He changed it tho' I like the new one ♥'
Jb's real name?
jr real name?
they're under which company
Tallest member
which member speaks 5 languages ?
who's the maknae 'youngest'
who speaks english beside Jackson
who's in charge of being wild & sexy xD
Name the member who was born in 1996
member who has his own room
which member have kissed mark more than once?'Aww *_* my fav actually'
The umma 'Aww' xD
thai mamber
His mother is Bi rain's fan!
the leader
got7's visual member?
which member showed in dream high 2 beside jb & jr?
Mark's last name?
Who was a member of his national fencing team?
Fightint Guys!!'Answer Thank you' 'If you wanna the last one right kekeke'xD
Cutest members 'I need 2 guys' :3
jj project members?
got7 debut date?
Which member was trainee only for 7 months?
bambam's real name 3:) don't use google :3
Which member Dyed his hair blonde the most?

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