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Sym.Band or Artist#, Genre, Country, Years Active
H (H---------)1. Black/Death Metal, Switzerland, 1982-84
He (He-------)2. Power Metal, Germany, 1984-
Li (Li---- ------)3. Heavy/Funk Metal, USA, 1984-95, 2000-
Be (Be------)4. Black/Death Metal, Poland, 1991-
B (B---- -------)5. Heavy Metal, UK, 1968-2007
C (C---------)6. Doom Metal, Sweden, 1984-
N (N--------)7. Symphonic Metal, Finland, 1996-
O (O----)8. Progressive Death Metal, Sweden, 1990-
F (F---- -------)9. Progressive Metal, USA, 1983-
Ne (Ne-------)10. Progressive/Thrash Metal, USA, 1991-
Na (-na-----)11. Death/Doom Metal, Progressive Rock, UK, 1990-
Mg (M-g-----)12. Thrash Metal, USA, 1983-
Al (A-----l----)13. Thrash Metal, Canada, 1984-
Si (S-i-- -----)14. Doom Metal, USA, 1979-1996, 2008-
P (----- P-----)15. Heavy Metal, UK, 1968-1992, 1996-
S (S-----)16. Thrash Metal, USA, 1981-
Cl (C-------l)17. Doom Metal, UK, 1989-
Ar (A--r-)18. Power Metal, Brazil, 1991-
K (K------)19. Progressive/Power Metal, USA, 1991-
Ca (-a-------)20. Doom/Alternative Metal, Sweden, 1991-
Sc (S----- --c----)21. Power Metal, Finland, 1996-
Ti (T---i--)22. Symphonic Metal, Sweden, 1987-
V (V----)23. Black Metal, UK, 1979-
Cr (Cr----- -----)24. Progressive Metal, USA, 1982-91, 1998-
Mn (M--n-----)25. Gothic/Doom Metal, Portugal, 1992
Fe (---- ------)26. NWOBHM, UK, 1975-
Co (----- Co----)27. Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, USA, 1963-
Ni (Ni--)28. Death Metal, USA, 1993-
Cu (C---u- -------)29. Progressive Metal, Norway, 2000-
Zn (--- Z------n)30. Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, UK, 1968-1980
Ga (Ga--- ---)31. Power Metal, Germany, 1988-
Ge (G---e----)32. Power Metal, Japan, 2001-
As (A- --- ----s)33. Melodic Death Metal, Sweden, 1990-96, 2007-08
Se (Se-------)34. Death/Thrash Metal, Brazil, 1984-
Br (B-r---)35. Black Metal, Norway, 1991-99, 2009-
Kr (Kr-----)36. Thrash Metal, Germany, 1982-
Rb (R---b--)37. Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, UK, 1975-84, 1994-97
Sr (S-r---------)38. Power Metal, Finland, 1984-
Y (Y----- ---------)39. Neo-Classical Metal, Sweden, 1978-
Zr (Z-r- ----)40. Progressive Metal, USA, 1993-
Nb (N----b--)41. Progressive Death Metal, Italy, 1990-
Mo (M--o---)42. Heavy/Power Metal, USA, 1980-
Tc (T---c----)43. Christian Progressive Metal, USA, 2002-
Ru (Ru----- ----)44. Heavy/Power Metal, Germany, 1976-2009
Rh (Rh------ -- ----)45. Symphonic Power Metal, Italy, 1993-
Pd (D--)46. Heavy Metal, USA. 1982-91, 1993-2010
Ag (Ag------)47. Doom/Folk Metal, USA, 1995-
Cd (C---d--- -- -----)48. Melodic Death Metal, Finland, 1993-
In (In ------)49. Melodic Death Metal, Sweden, 1990-
Sn (S---n)50. NWOBHM, UK, 1976-
Sb (S-b----)51. Power Metal, Sweden, 1999-
Te (T--e - --------)52. Gothic/Doom Metal, USA, 1989-2010
I (I---)53. Post/Doom Metal, USA, 1997-2010
Xe (Ex----)54. Thrash Metal, USA, 1980-
Cs (C-----s)55. Death Metal, UK, 1985-95, 2007-
Ba (Ba-----)56. Black Metal, Sweden, 1983-2004
Sym.Band or Artist#, Genre, Country, Years Active
La (La-- -- ---)57. Groove/Thrash Metal, USA, 1994-
Ce (Ce---- -----)58. Black Metal, Switzerland, 1984-93, 2001-08
Pr (P-r----- ----)59. Doom/Gothic Metal, UK, 1988-
Nd (N-------- D---)60. Death/Doom Metal, US, 1989-
Pm (P--m-- ----)61. Power Metal, Germany, 1997-
Sm (S-m----- -)62. Progressive Metal, USA, 1994-
Eu (E--u-)63. Power Metal, Germany, 1992-
Gd (G---- D-----)64. Heavy/Power Metal, Germany, 1980-87, 1991-
Tb (T-b--- ------'- ---------)65. Power Metal, Germany, 1999-
Dy (D--- -----------y)66. Melodic Death Metal, Sweden, 1989-
Ho (Ho--------)67. Melodic Death Metal, Austria, 1994-
Er (E----r--)68. Black Metal, Norway, 1991-2001
Tm (T----m---)69. Thrash Metal, USA, 1983-
Yb (-y-)70. Viking/Folk Metal, Faroe Islands (Denmark), 1998-
Lu (L--u-- ----)71. Gothic/Alternative Metal, Italy, 1994-
Hf (H-----f---)72. Power Metal, Sweden, 1993-
Ta (Ta---)73. Heavy/Power Metal, Finland, 1982-
W (W----- ----------)74. Symphonic Metal, Netherlands, 1996-
Re (-re-- ----)75. Heavy/Power Metal, Sweden, 1999-
Os (O--- -s------)76. Heavy Metal, UK, 1968-
Ir (I--- --r--)77. Heavy/Thrash Metal, USA, 1984-
Pt (P--t---)78. Groove/Thrash Metal, USA, 1981-2003
Au (A---u---)79. Symphonic Black/Avant-Garde Metal, Norway, 1987-2007
Hg (H-g----)80. Symphonic/Death Metal, Germany, 1991-
Tl (T--l)81. Heavy/Alternative Metal, USA, 1990-
Pb (P-----b----)82. Gothic Metal, Finland, 2000-
Bi (B-i-- --------)83. Power Metal, Germany, 1984-
Po (P--- o- ---------)84. Progressive Metal, Sweden, 1991-
At (A-t----)85. Thrash Metal, USA, 1981-
Rn (--r--n)86. Progressive Metal, Netherlands, 1995-
Fr (F------r)87. Folk/Power Metal, Sweden, 1999-
Ra (Ra-------)88. Industrial Metal, Germany, 1994-
Ac (Ac----)89. Heavy Metal, Germany, 1968-
Th (---th)90. Death Metal, USA, 1983-2001
Pa (Pa---'- ----)91. Progressive Metal, Norway, 2000-
U (-u---------)92. Progressive Metal, USA, 1981-
Np (N-p--- -----)93. Death Metal/Grindcore, UK, 1981-
Pu (---- Pu----)94. Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, UK, 1968-76, 1984-
Am (Am-- ------)95. Melodic Death Metal, Sweden, 1988-
Cm (C-m-----)96. Progressive Metal, Norway, 2003-
Bk (B---k ----- -------)97. Heavy Metal, USA, 1998-
Cf (C----- -- F----)98. Black Metal, UK, 1991-
Es (E-s------)99. Folk Metal, Finland, 1995-
Fm (F---- -- M---)100. Alternative/Funk Metal, USA, 1981-98
Md (M-------d)101. Heavy/Speed Metal, UK, 1975-
No (No------- -----)102. Power Metal, Sweden, 1990-
Lr (L---r----)103. Power Metal, Italy, 1991-
Rf (-r----f----)104. Power Metal, UK, 1999-
Db (D---- B-----)105. Symphonic Black Metal, Norway, 1993-
Sg (S-----g-)106. Heavy/Power Metal, USA, 1978-2002
Bh (B-------h)107. Death Metal, Sweden, 1998-
Hs (H------s-)108. Death Metal, Sweden, 1990-
Mt (M-t------)109. Thrash Metal, USA, 1981-
Ds (D---- -------)110. Progressive Metal, USA, 1985-
Rg (R-g-)111. Heavy/Speed Metal, Germany, 1984-
Cn (C-n----- ------)112. Death Metal, USA, 1988-

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