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JEOPARDY!: American History
$200: Between 1856 & 1860, 2,962 of this faith set out from Iowa & Nebraska to Utah in the Handcart Migration 
$400: On April 2, 1917 President Wilson told Congress, 'The world must be made safe for' this 
$600: On April 20, 1971 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld this transportation method as a way to achieve school integration 
$800: John O'Sullivan, who later became a diplomat, coined this term for the USA's right to cover the continent 
$1000: In 1798 Congress passed this collection of bills to control domestic dissent & conspiracy against the federal govt. 
JEOPARDY!: Cable Channels
$200: The Dire Straits song 'Money For Nothing' says, 'You play the guitar on' this cable channel 
$400: This channel for women produces the original drama 'Army Wives' 
$600: This channel shows films like 'The Magnificent Seven' & original series like 'Mad Men' & 'Breaking Bad' 
$800: You'll 'find' that this channel features 'Cash Cab' & 'Dirty Jobs' 
$1000: Channel that's been home to gritty shows like 'Dirt' & 'Rescue Me' 
JEOPARDY!: Prophet Sharing
$200: Before he was a prophet, Smohalla gained fame as one of these alliterative Native American healers 
$400: In I Kings this fiery Biblical prophet won a contest with the prophets of Baal 
$600: The soothsayer Calchas told this king he had to offer up his daughter Iphigenia to Artemis to get winds to rise 
$800: Poems known as the 'Gathas' are attributed to this ancient prophet & teacher who lived in eastern Iran 
$1000: On the Sistine Chapel ceiling, Michelangelo included some of these ancient oracle-like prophetesses 
JEOPARDY!: Women of the World
$200: This Nobel Peace Prize winner was born in what is now Skopje, Macedonia in 1910 
$400: This British dame, Rudolf Nureyev's dance partner, was married to a Panamanian diplomat 
$600: She wrote her first novel, 'The House of the Spirits', in exile soon after her uncle's assassination 
$800: This Norwegian beauty is noted for her work with Ingmar Bergman & with UNICEF 
$1000: Under 5 feet tall & all of about 90 pounds, this frail French chanteuse was nicknamed the 'Little Sparrow' 
$200: This slang term for coffee precedes 'chip' in a Starbucks ice cream flavor 
$400: Butter is an ingredient of this hard candy that has 'butter' in its name; the rest of its name doesn't refer to whisky 
$600: A confection called a kiss is baked this: sugar & stiffly beaten egg whites 
$800: A red cake named for this smooth fabric is really a chocolate cake--food coloring gives it the distinctive color 
$1000: Daily Double! Decide on a wager, then type 'OK' to see the clue. 
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JEOPARDY!: 'Ind' the Know
$200: This adjective refers to the original natives of any region 
$400: The systematic teaching of beliefs to gain uncritical acceptance 
$600: Punjab means 'land of 5 rivers', & all 5 of the rivers eventually flow into this one 
$800: Insurance term meaning to protect against damage, loss or injury 
$1000: Also a term in logic, it's the process by which a magnetic field is ordered into poles 
DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Russian Scientists
$400: Sergey Korolyov was instrumental in the success of this first artificial satellite of the earth 
$800: Rehovot in this country has an institute named for Russian-born Chaim Weizmann, who synthesized acetone 
$1200: In the mid-18th c. Mikhail Lomonosov became the first scientist to record the freezing of this liquid metal 
$1600: Lev Landau won a 1962 Nobel Prize for working in low-temperature physics, also known as this 
$2000: In devising the periodic table, Mendeleev laid out the elements in rows & columns to show the different relationships when read each way; he's said to have been inspired by a version of this card game 
DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Canadian Football
$400: One of the 8 teams in the CFL is the Stampeders, who play for this city in the Canadian Rockies 
$800: Unlike the NFL, a CFL team gets this many downs in a series to advance the ball 10 yards 
$1200: French for 'red', it's the term used for the point that is scored if a punt goes out of the end zone untouched 
$1600: This former Boston College & New England Patriots QB was the CFL's most outstanding player 6 times 
$2000: The Alouettes play their home games at Molson Stadium on the campus of this Montreal university 
DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Guyanese Geography
$400: Guyana is divided into 3 regions: a highland, an inland forest & a coastal plain along this ocean 
$800: Located at the mouth of the Demerara River, it's the capital & largest city 
$1200: Spectacular waterfalls in Guyana include one named for a British king of this name, who ruled 1901-10 
$1600: Daily Double! Decide on a wager, then type 'OK' to see the clue. 
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$2000: Guyana has had a long-standing border dispute with this small country to its southeast 
DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Turkish Literature
$400: The poem called the 'Garibnameh' contains 11,000 masnavi, which we know as these rhymed 2-line units of verse 
$800: A religious kaside poem praised God, this man, or his son-in-law, Ali Ibn Abi Talib, the fourth caliph 
$1200: Sultan Abdulhamid II's censorship hindered Ottoman writers until this 'youthful' group's 1908 revolution 
$1600: Peter Ustinov directed & starred in the film version of the Yasar Kemal novel 'Memed, My' this predatory bird 
$2000: Seyid Imadeddin Nesimi wrote 2 of these poetry collections, also a word from Turkish for a couch 
DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Chinese Calendar Animals
$400: This first sign is a nocturnal animal; those born under it work best in quiet hours; oo, you dirty... 
$800: This wascally sign whose years include 1951 & 1999 shows bravery against high odds & is rarely be-Fudd-led 
$1200: This sign for 2006 shows devotion to family; aren't you a good sign? Yes you are! Good sign! 
$1600: 1967 folks 'flock' to this sign that represents the essence of the Yin, the feminine passive principle 
$2000: Daily Double! Decide on a wager, then type 'OK' to see the clue. 
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DOUBLE JEOPARDY!: Brazilian Words and Phrases
$400: Unlike some, I like my women to be 'cranio', this quality we also admire on 'Jeopardy!' 
$800: Forget about him, he met someone down at Ipanema Beach & now he's 'apaixonado', this condition 
$1200: Cousin Fred said he was Napoleon last night; I'm afraid he might be 'maluco', this 
$1600: If you want another drink, hand over some 'grana', this; I'm not covering for you anymore after last night 
$2000: That very blond guy you met at carnival is called an 'alemao', literally a man from this country 
FINAL JEOPARDY!: Classic Movie Characters
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