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FactStateYear admitted into the Union
First state to ratify the Constitution1787
Originally a Quaker colony1787
Largest city is Newark1787
Capital was burned in 18641788 (readmitted in 1870)
One of two states that never ratified the 18th Amendment1788
Location of the first battle of the American Revolution1788
Birthplace of Babe Ruth1788
First state to secede from the Union1788 (readmitted in 1868)
Location of the first free public library in the U.S.1788
First British colony1788 (readmitted in 1870)
Where Joseph Smith founded Mormonism1788
Location of the oldest state university in the U.S.1789 (readmitted in 1868)
Last state to ratify the Constitution1790
Leading producer of maple syrup in the U.S.1791
Abraham Lincoln's birthplace1792
First state readmitted into the Union1796 (readmitted in 1866)
Ceded to the British after the French and Indian War1803
Political subdivisions are called 'parishes'1812 (readmitted in 1868)
Location of the world's largest sporting venue1816
Western border formed by the nation's chief waterway1817 (readmitted in 1870)
Location of the world's first skyscraper1818
Introduced Mardi Gras to the western world1819 (readmitted in 1868)
Only state to share its border with only one other state1820
'The Gateway to the West' and 'Home of the Blues'1821
Birthplace of Johnny Cash1836 (readmitted in 1868)
FactStateYear admitted into the Union
Battle Creek is the 'Cereal Capital of the World'1837
Ceded to the U.S. through the Adams-OnĂ­s Treaty1845 (readmitted in 1868)
Originally a republic1845 (readmitted in 1870)
East and west borders are formed by the Missouri and Mississippi rivers1846
The Badger State1848
Home of the nation's second national park1850
Capital city was originally called 'Pig's Eye'1858
Has more ghost towns than any other state1859
Birthplace of Dwight D. Eisenhower1861
Broke away from the Confederacy1863
Ranked second in the world for gold production1864
Origin of 911 emergency services1867
Location of the Dwight Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel1876
Agriculture and petroleum are major industries1889
Location of the Wounded Knee Massacre1889
First inhabitants were the Plains Indians1889
Named after a U.S. president1889
The Potato State1890
Least populous state1890
Location of the last spike in the First Transcontinental Railroad1896
The Sooner State1907
Location of the first atomic bomb detonation1912
Location of the Grand Canyon1912
Purchased from Russia1959
Last state to enter the Union1959

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