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I've given my life to DowntonRobert
Haven't you heard? I don't have aMary
Do you ever wish you'd gone another way? Worked in a shop or a factory,Mrs. Hughes
She thinks if you put a toy down it'll still beRobert
I'm not a romantic, but even I will concede that the heart does not exist solelyViolet
Sometimes we're not at liberty to speak.Bates
We do have feelingsSybil
I look at her and all I can see is a tired woman with a tiresome husband,Robert
There can be no special cases becauseIsobel
Am I so weak you believe I can be talked out ofSybil
When the war is over the worldBranson
My life makes me angry,Mary
Have you been happy? Really,Robert
I thought I would die here andCarson
The point is, you loved her once.Violet
Be careful, my lad, or you'll end up with no job andMrs. Hughes
Go back with them, then, if you think they canBranson
Before the war, I believed my life had value.Robert
I cannot remember being more disappointed inRobert
I was watching her, the other night, when you spoke of your wedding.Violet
There's nothing so wrong as whenMr. Mason
Well, there you are then. One day you'll meet someone else and marry. Perhaps it'll be second best butMary
It seems rather unlikely,Sybil
I promise to devote every waking minuteBranson
Let us remember the sacrifices that have been made andRobert
And I feel somehow we were, all of us,Matthew
I didn't run Downton for thirty years to see it go, lock, stock and barrelViolet
Aren't all of us stuck withMary
Lady Mary broke her own heart.Mrs. Hughes
I want a good man for you,Robert
Well, he keeps himself to himself and he's very hard to read at times,Bates
And what would be the point in living ifCarson
You've lived your life and I've lived mine,Matthew
Would you stay,Matthew
I suppose that's what love is, a kind of illness.Anna
Do I have a right to destroy their work orRobert
Your dream is my dream now, and I'll make itSybil
War has a way of distinguishing between the things that matterMatthew
Sometimes a hard sacrifice must be madeBranson
I know it could happen. I do. But the time to face it is after it has happened and not before.Anna

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