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Be happyLavinia
Oh Matthew, what am I always telling you?Mary
Is there nothing left on earthWilliam
I won't leave him now,Daisy
But if you are, and if I've ever done anything good,Mary
Sometimes, it feels as ifSybil
Please don't make fun of me.Branson
Let's be strong, Mary, and let's accept thatMatthew
Oh, I suddenly felt terriblyMary
If you still love him, let him knowCarson
I want to ask so much for your forgiveness, because I did something once whichO'Brien
Believe it or not, I will staySybil
The world was in a dream before the warRobert
He doesn't need you no more, Daisy.Mr. Mason
He's lucky not to be playing the violin inViolet
A sight to gladdenRobert.
I loved you, you know. More than you knew and much muchCarlisle
If she's threatening to ruin me, then let her.Anna
We were a showMary
We could always start withViolet

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