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Who leads the clerics in 'The Time of Angels'?
How many episodes do the Ood appear in?
What is cool?
Who does the Doctor hook up with Captain Jack Harkness in 'The End of Time Part 2'?
What is the name of the Siluarian that is killed in 'The Hungry Earth'
Who is the main character in Blink?
What symptoms do the Cubes enact on humans in 'The Power of Three'?
What item was the Doctor grabbing from the TARDIS after his companions thought he was dead?
What alias does the Master use in 'Utopia'?
What episode was the first to mention The Silence?
When was the first episode we see the Face of Boe?
What queen does Rose and the Doctor save in 'Tooth and Claw'
What episode do we see an image of Rose Tyler (Eleventh Doctor)
How many people traveled at one time with the Ninth Doctor?
How many episodes does the Tenth Doctor encounter the Daleks?
When the Doctor is poisoned in 'The Unicorn and the Wasp', what kitchen condiment does he need to cure the poison?
What TV show is the Doctor Stuck on in 'Bad Wolf'
What is in Gibbis' room in 'The God Complex?
What year was 'The Long Game' set?
What does the Doctor call the TARDIS

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