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*You use it to smell*
It can be used to run water to your garden
Black ____, butt____, ass____, etc.
*The bottom/under surface of the foot*
Not all, just ____
Capital of Italy
Worn after bathing, or if you're Hugh Hefner, all the time
Taking something that does not belong to you, like money in a bank
*Long, curved bones encasing the chest cavity*
*You use them to kiss*
*According to Shakira, they don't lie*
A sneaky, slithery little snake would make this sound
Pressing your lips to the lips of another
They like toys, games, cartoons, and screaming for no reason
You'll hear a lot of these at an auction, unless it's a silent auction
Remain in a state; to wait
Either a periodic variation in the surface level of the ocean, or a popular washing detergent
Used to cover floors, countertops, other things probably...
A number of objects thrown together in a heap
Lacking in color
*Inner surface of the hand; some people pretend to 'read' them in order to procure your money*
Undisturbed; not excited or agitated
*A baby cow or the posterior portion of your lower leg*
Use your phone to do this
The smallest structural unit of an organism, or where you spend most of your time in prison
Some guy named Lucifer lives here. He also answers to Satan.
Past tense of hold....easy, easy, easy
*Uppermost part of your body; your face is here and you probably have some hair on the top*
Pay close attention to
*Rounded posterior portion of the foot, below the ankle*
Restore to health, cure
First word of the acronym HVAC minus the -ing
A notable act or deed
*They have toes and you use them to stand*
To be introduced to
What carnivores eat
Clean, tidy, interesting
Overcome; win; come out on top
Character on Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast who eventually landed his own show
Jaws/mouth of a bird
Musician responsible for Loser, Where it's at, E-pro, etc.
*Connects your head to your torso*
How a bird eats or the last name of actor Gregory ____
Put your belongings in a suitcase or bag
Single step when walking or the distance covered by that step
*Front of your head. This is where your eyes, nose, and mouth are :)*
Purse weapon of women everywhere
The long hair along the tops and sides of the neck in certain animals (lions and horses)
Magician, sorcerer, or spellcaster
Shortened/slang word for magazines
Falls behind; slows
Lower limbs used for walking, standing, and support
Molded piece of glass found in eyeglasses
Opposite of more
Not tidy; not neat; not clean
Small green plant typically found growing on trees and moist rocks
Like a throw but smaller?
Michael Scott, Bruce Springsteen, etc.
Company specializing in stereos, speakers, headphones, etc.
*Material that makes up your skeleton*
Geometric shape that holds ice cream
Stick used as support when walking, and also as a rod to beat others with
Trash can will be full of these after a night of drinking
Purpose of laying out in the sun
Orange juice type drink thing that's good enough for astronauts
Suspended above the ground
*Some use their right, some their left, some even use both*
If 70% of Earth is water, the other 30% must be ____
Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Two Door Cinema Club, Minus the bear, etc.
Lacking in hair
Fearless and daring; courageous
Past tense of tell...easy,easy,easy
Fee for using certain bridges, roads, phones, etc.
Barbie, Ken, other **** like this
The worlds largest producer and marketer of fresh fruits and vegetables (so they say)

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