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1) What is the only country to have a non-rectangular flag?
Hint #1 (Type '1H')
2) What scientist proposed the special theory of relativity?
Hint #2 (Type '2H')
3) What 1986 action film starred Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis?
Hint #3 (Type '3H')
4) What band sings 'Amanda' and 'More Than a Feeling'?
Hint #4 (Type '4H')
5) What NBA team did Dwight Howard first play for?
Hint #5 (Type '5H')
6) How do you say 'dog' in Spanish?
Hint #6 (Type '6H')
7) What is 1009 in Roman Numerals?
Hint #7 (Type '7H')
8) What cartoon has characters George, Jane, Judy, and Elroy?
Hint #8 (Type '8H')
9) What is the third most visited website worldwide?
Hint #9 (Type '9H')
10) What famous novel had the opening line 'Call Me Ishmael'?
Hint #10 (Type '10H')

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