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Can you name the 7-letter words that share at least 3 letters with 'SPORCLE'?

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Pattern7-letter WordClue
SP_R_LETo shine or glisten
_ _ _ _CLEPedal-powered vehicle with two wheels
S_OR_ _ESpace where things are put away for future use
SP_R_ _ _A small brown finch
SPOR_ _ _A furry bag that hangs in front of a man’s kilt
S_ _R_LECompletely clean
SPO_ _ _ EA large city in Washington State
SP_R_LEA stick used to serve porridge
SP_ _ _ _ETo spend a lot of money
SP_ _ _LEA small hole in a door used for peeking inside
_PO_ _LEOne of the twelve chief disciples
_ _ _ _CLEA machine that you travel in or on
SPOR_ _ _One who enjoys activities involving physical exertion
S_ _R_ _EA very popular marker brand
S_O_ _ _EOne native to the country north of Croatia
S_O_ _ _ETerrier native to northern Europe
_ _ _ _CLEAn event that is not explicable by nature
SP_ _ _LEA notched stick for spinning fibers into thread by hand
SP_ _ _LEA small piece of metal or plastic used for decorating clothing

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