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Can you name the three-, four-, and five-letter words in these word ladders that connect an English word to its Spanish translation?

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Three-Letter Word Ladder
• Mediterranean or Caspian, e.g. • 
Herbal drink 
Casual shirt 
Hive dweller 
Resting place 
Michael Jackson album 
Common joke setting 
• Mediterráneo o Caribe, p. ej. • 
Four-Letter Word Ladder
• What covers your head • 
Icy forecast 
Kite ribbon 
Skyscraper size 
Turnpike charge 
Sampling of opinions 
Horseback sport 
• Lo que cubre su cabeza • 
Five-Letter Word Ladder
• Color of Seuss's eggs • 
Avarice, gluttony 
Religious doctrine 
Showed sorrow 
Middle of KFC 
Fast food favorite 
House insects 
Film excerpts 
Fast food favourite 
Five-Letter Word Ladder (cont.)
Cowboy leggings 
Burns slightly 
Lucky ornament 
Deep ravine 
Wild goose pursuit 
Put a stop to 
Poke fun at 
To the point 
Biblical passage 
• Color de los huevos de Seuss • 

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