Language Quiz / Word Spires: 'PL' and 'PR'

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Can you name the words of increasing length that start with 'PL' and 'PR'?

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4: area of land, or events of a story 
5: simple in design or character 
6: promise, oath, or agreement 
7: medicine with no physiological effect 
8: aquatic, egg-laying mammal 
9: appearing to be valid or reasonable 
10: estate where crops are grown 
11: governed by the wealthy 
12: stealing and passing off as original 
13: abundance in supply or quantity 
4: movable object in a play or movie 
5: to trim a plant, or a dried plum 
6: cause to move forward 
7: exceptionally gifted young person 
8: force applied per unit area 
9: person or thing that is most important 
10: success and economic well-being 
11: main character in a story 
12: doctor's recommended medication 
13: to postpone work until later 

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