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Can you name the answers to the math problems (see game note)?

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(US States) - (Rock Types) =
(Decathlon Events) - ('N Sync Members) =
(Countries) ÷ (Harry Potter Books) =
(Nations of United Kingdom) + (Deadly Sins) =
(Zodiac Signs) ÷ (Countries Starting with 'O') =
(Immediate Simpson Family) - (Gifts of the Magi) =
(Continents) × (Black Eyed Peas) =
(Octagon Sides) × (Terrestrial Planets) =
(Simple Machines) + (Human Senses) =
(Ivy League Schools) × (Main Brady Bunch Characters) =
(Old Testament Books) ÷ (Musketeers) =
(MLB Teams) + (3-Letter Body Parts) =
(Greek Letters) ÷ (The Beatles Members) =
(Planets) + (Coin Sides) =
(Apostles) - (Parts of Speech) =
(Disney Dwarfs) - (Gospels) =
(Days of the Week) × (Months) =
(Ear Bones) ÷ (Donald Duck's Nephews) =
(Unique Chess Pieces) + (Mathematical Operations) =
(Fingers on a Hand) × (Horsemen of the Apocalypse) =

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