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Can you name the words of increasing length that start with 'GL' and 'GR'?

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4: strong adhesive substance 
5: brightness caused by reflection 
6: protein substance found in wheat 
7: quick or incomplete look 
8: appendix of definitions 
9: attractive, exciting, and fashionable 
10: process of covering with ice masses 
11: crafter of bottles and vases 
12: mallet instrument with metal bars 
13: trend of worldwide interconnectivity 
4: sinister or uninviting, like a reaper 
5: deadly sin of selfish desire 
6: fragments and pebbles of rock 
7: flat pan used for cooking 
8: consisting of tiny pieces, like sugar 
9: ugly, distorted, or strange-looking 
10: old-fashioned record player 
11: jumping, plant-eating insect 
12: quality of being kind and courteous 
13: son's son's sister 

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