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Can you name the US states that fit the descriptions without misidentifying the Decoy clues?

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If no state fits the description, enter "Decoy".
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Borders both Ohio and Missouri
The Arkansas River forms part of its border
Larger than Colorado but smaller than Nevada
Contiguous state with -70ºF recorded temperature
Its abbreviation's second letter is 'M'
Admitted into the Union between 1900-1910
Borders a Great Lake and an ocean
Only borders one other state
Its capital's population is less than 10,000
Has hosted both a Summer and Winter Olympics
Has no counties, but rather parishes
Its capital starts with 'N'
Its flag contains a Union Jack
Ends with 'R'
Contains an active diamond mine
Contains both the Cascades and the Rockies
Its largest city represents over half its population
Contains all five vowels in its name
Inhabited by red squirrels
Its flag depicts a US President

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