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Can you name the countries that fit the descriptions without misidentifying the Decoy clues?

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If no country fits the description, enter "Decoy".
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Has coastline on both the Black and Caspian Sea
Borders both Mali and Cameroon
Its capital starts with 'Q'
Ends with 'G'
North American country with four-letter name
Starts and ends with 'M'
Has territory on six continents
Still has an emperor
Purple is a main color on its flag
Produces over half of the world's oil
Has no rivers and is larger than France
Entirely surrounded by -stan countries
Shares its name with a Bible book
Asian country that crosses the equator
Its life expectancy is over 84
Its flag is not rectangular
Only borders India
Has three official capitals
Larger than Kazakhstan and smaller than India
African country with Spanish as official language

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