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Can you name the words that end with the letters EA to EZ?

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No EJ or EQ.
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EAAfrican nation with capital Asmara
EBRelative of nerd and geek
ECGuinness or Baldwin
EDAnimal that walks on two legs
EETo assure
EFShort and concise
EGCompressed image file format
EHFermented soybean cake
EIIt only borders Malaysia
EKCapital of a certain '-stan' country
ELTV station or water passage
EMAnd do the ______ Shake
ENPolice alarm
EOChocolate cookie made by Nabisco
EPWhat most people do at night
ER34th President of the United States
ES'Taste the Rainbow' product
ETBundle of flowers
EVSoviet leader Nikita
EWInquisitive consultation
EX1 followed by 1^100 zeros
EYThe Purple Dinosaur
EZCanal separating Africa from Asia

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