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What is the capital of Ireland?
A) London B) Cork C) Dublin
Which band has never been signed to Interscope Records?
A) Blink-182 B) Coldplay C) All Time Low
Which American artist painted 'Nighthawks' in 1942?
A) Edward Hopper B) Charles Sheeler C) Grant Wood
Which NHL player has the all-time highest goals per game ratio (min. 500 games played)?
A) Mario Lemieux B) Mike Bossy C) Wayne Gretzky
Which of these is not a chromosome disorder?
A) Asperger syndrome B) Down syndrome
C) Klinefelter syndrome
Which of these is not a district of Berlin?
A) Tiergarten B) Mitte C) Thuringa
lanaturner- smile
Of the following, which letter appears
most frequently in a standard Scrabble set?
A) L B) S C) N
Which actor does not have a Master's degree in engineering?
A) Donald Sutherland B) Dolph Lundgren C) Rowan Atkinson
In pre-decimal currency,
how many farthings were in a British pound?
A) 120, B) 240 C) 960
In 'The Big Bang Theory', at which university
does Sheldon Cooper work? A) Caltech B) UCLA C) ITU
Which comic was created by Scott Adams?
A) Garfield B) Dilbert C) Doonesbury
Ultimate- Champ13
If A is the correct letter to enter to answer this question,
which of the following answers is correct?
A) C B) A C) Both
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What is the fewest number of wins an NFL team can have
and still make the playoffs?
A) 4 B) 0 C) 7
Who was the shortest U.S. president?
A) John Adams B) Millard Fillmore C) James Madison
Approximately how many people have ever lived on Earth?
A) 25 billion B) 50 billion C) 100 billion
Which of Japan's main islands is the largest, after Honshū?
A) Shikoku B) Kyūshū C) Hokkaidō
What was the name of King Henry VIII's fourth wife?
A) Anne Boleyn B) Anne of Cleves C) Catherine Howard
Which villian did Spider-Man first face?
A) Chameleon B) Doctor Octopus C) The Lizard
Which of Shakespeare's female characters
has the most lines?
A) Rosalind B) Cleopatra C) Juliet
Which of these films did not win the Oscar for Best Picture?
A) Oliver! B) Kramer vs. Kramer C) It's a Wonderful Life
macallister- burn
Who had a 1961 top ten hit with 'Stand by Me'?
A) Ben E. King B) Otis Redding C) Ray Charles
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Which of these baseball feats is rarest to accomplish?
A) Throw a Perfect Game B) Hit 4 Home Runs in a game
C) Hit for the cycle
Finnmark is a county in which country?
A) Finland B) Denmark C) Norway
'My Favorite Things' is from which musical?
A) My Fair Lady B) The Sound of Music C) Mary Poppins
Which is not a real video game?
A) Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney
B) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
C) Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Which of these MLB teams has
the most World Series appearances?
A) Cincinnati Reds B) Chicago Cubs C) Philadelphia Phillies
In which comic book series did Wolverine first appear?
A) Spider-Man B) X-Men C) Hulk
Where is the MLB Hall of Fame located?
A) Springfield, MA B) Canton, OH C) Cooperstown, NY
Which one of these French philosophers
rejected the Nobel Prize in Literature?
A) Jean-Paul Sartre B) Michel Foucault C) Jacques Derrida
Which is not a property in Monopoly?
A) Connecticut Avenue B) Delaware Avenue C) Vermont Avenue
Which race did Mario Andretti never win?
A) USAC Indianapolis 500 B) NASCAR Daytona 500
C) Formula 1 British Grand Prix
What is the regular tuning of a bass guitar?
How many people have ever hosted an episode of
'Wheel of Fortune' in the United States?
A) 1 B) 2 C) 6
Who has the most all-time NBA assists?
A) Isaiah Thomas B) John Stockton C) Bob Cousy
What is the longest-running
sci-fi television series of all time?
A) Battlestar Galactica B) Star Trek C) Doctor Who
Michelangelo's David is housed
within which Florentine museum?
A) Accademia B) Bargello C) Uffizi
Who wrote 'Arcadia'?
A) Tom Stoppard B) Joe Orton C) Edward Albee
How many Messier List objects are there?
A) 110 B) 220 C) 330
Who was named 2012's Most Beautiful Woman?
A) Charlize Theron B) Sofia Vergara C) Beyonce
Which of these Michael Jackson
singles was not #1 in the US?
A) Beat It B) Thriller C) Billie Jean
In The Hunger Games, what was Katniss' stylist named?
A) Portia B) Cinna C) Effie
Who was the Democratic nominee for
U.S. President in 1920?
A) James M. Cox B) John Davis C) Woodrow Wilson

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