Language Quiz / Word Spires: 'CL' and 'CR'

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Can you name the words of increasing length that start with 'CL' and 'CR'?

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4: material used in ceramics 
5: cirrus or stratus, e.g. 
6: peak of action in a story 
7: a butcher's large blade 
8: single-reed woodwind instrument 
9: digital storage for copy and paste 
10: mandarin orange variety 
11: secretive, like a spy operation 
12: apparent psychic power 
13: person afraid of enclosed spaces 
4: cultivated plant, especially a cereal 
5: small piece of dry food 
6: move oneself closer to the ground 
7: metal tool used for prying 
8: deep crack in a glacier 
9: word puzzle often found in newspapers 
10: krill, crab, or crayfish 
11: building where corpses are burned 
12: creating and breaking codes and ciphers 
13: skill or artistry, often with hands 

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