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Can you name the words that, when preceded by 'American', mean something else?

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Unpatriotic ClueWordAmerican Clue
Male parent.Animated comedy created by Seth MacFarlane.
Female child.The Pleasant Company's line of dolls.
Female, in general.1970 song by The Guess Who.
The Polar _______.Credit card company.
Representation of a god.Singing show hosted by Ryan Seacrest.
Baked dish with crust and filling.Don McLean song and 1999 film.
Good-looking thing or person.1999 Kevin Spacey movie.
Stupid person.Green Day song and album.
A ______ of Their Own.One of two associations of MLB teams.
Sport with a black and white ball. (Non-US)Sport with a brown prolate spheroidal ball.
Concert gazebo.Music performance show hosted by Dick Clark.
French architecture style from the 12 century.Painting with a man, a woman, and a pitchfork.
Large bird of prey.Clothing and accessories retailer.

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