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Can you name the terms and names that have the initials A.B., B.C., C.D., etc.?

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A.B.Area between Mars and Jupiter
B.C.Large woodwind instrument
C.D.December 25th
D.E.34th US president
E.F.Bangles song or fire by the JFK's tomb
F.G.Iron pyrite, to the layperson
G.H.Lead Beatles guitarist
H.I.Playwright of 'A Doll's House'
I.J.Character portrayed by Harrison Ford
J.K.'It's a joke!'
K.L.Yellow-green, bitter fruit used in pies
L.M.Chinese stir-fried noodles
M.N.3½, 7¾, etc.
N.O.Seedless red-yellow citrus
O.P.Leader of the Autobots in 'Transformers'
P.Q.Surprise test
Q.R.Musical break for 1 beat in 4/4 time
R.S.It's between Saudi Arabia and Sudan
S.T.TV show featuring Captain Kirk and Uhura
T.U.Long johns and other warm garments
U.V.The old name for Burkina Faso
V.W.Southeastern Asian conflict, 1954-1975
W.X.Microsoft operating system
X.Y.Liang Emperor of China (552-555)
Y.Z.NIN album or the alternate reality game based on it

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