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Measures the amount of vibration of a waveA
Aboriginal hunting tool that returns to the throwerB
Like barbecue sauce or mayonnaiseC
Highest university degreeD
The process of teaching and learningE
Scent of a perfumeF
Invertebrate class including snails and slugsG
What an electrocardiogram analyzesH
On the spot; without any prior planningI
Cajun meat and rice dishJ
Someone who illegally seizes a personK
Car driven by a chauffeurL
Strictly requiredM
Sentimental feeling for the pastN
May describe an odor or a derogatory slangO
Member of the cashew familyP
Multiply by fourQ
Broadcast signal or wedding partyR
Comes from Italian word meaning 'thin string'S
Quadrilateral or wrist boneT
Entirely in agreementU
Thickness of a liquidV
Feature on a dollar bill to prevent counterfeitingW
Relative of vibraphone and marimbaX
Long item used to measure lengthY
One who studies animalsZ

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