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Can you name the things comprised of one 5-letter word followed by one 3-letter word?

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Highest-frequency electromagnetic radiation
Personification of America often used in cartoons
France defeated Croatia in its 2018 Final
Liquid fat that may be extra virgin
Armed conflict within one nation
Seemingly spontaneous public performance
Period when the Flintstones lived
Unsaturated lipid found in hydrogenated oils
Holiday dedicated to planting trees
Pattern consisting of regularly placed circles
Hawaiian volcano, world's tallest from base to peak
Queen lead guitarist who wrote 'We Will Rock You'
1956 Elvis Presley hit written by Leiber & Stoller
Eddie Vedder's alt-rock band, formed in Seattle in 1990
Paper cone given to unruly schoolchildren
'The other I', like Bruce Wayne to Batman
Home to billions of stars, or nougat and caramel
Barrie character who wouldn't grow up
Crosstown rival of the Chicago Cubs
Argon, krypton, or radon, e.g.
Arigat┼Ź, Danke, or Efkharisto
Airplane's flight recorder (though usually orange)
Body of water between Norway and the UK
Actress in Calamity Jane and Pillow Talk
Molded glass food container with a screw top
Martial artist who starred in Fist of Fury
Immediate medical assistance
Wisconsin city home to the Packers
Hebrew phrase used to express congratulations
Fast food restaurant for Pepperoni Lovers®

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