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Can you name the things comprised of one 4-letter word followed by one 5-letter word?

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Latin phrase meaning 'the other way around'
Fermented dairy product often used on nachos
Earliest US president not on a currently minted coin
Largest animal known to have ever existed
College from which one has graduated
Piece of furniture for seating and feeding babies
Star of Easy A and La La Land
'Striking' shape of a normal distribution
Artificial waterway in northeast Egypt
Cartoon character who asked 'What's Up, Doc?'
Toy with springs and footrests used for jumping
He has portrayed Chris Gardner and Muhammad Ali
Founder of Amazon and first ever centibillionaire
French term for a sudden seizure of power
Bear-shaped constellation containing the Big Dipper
Underdog candidate or Katy Perry song
Mall or airport area with many adjacent restaurants
Literary personification of winter and snow
West African island country with a Portuguese name
Author of The Diary of a Young Girl
Former heavyweight boxer with a vicious bite
Disney princess based on a German fairy tale
Poker hand, Yahtzee roll, or ABC sitcom
Sacred cup from Arthurian legend or Monty Python
Psychedelic rock band with album 'The Wall'
Tractor brand named for the steel plow inventor
National animal of the United States
Non-alcoholic carbonated beverage
Episodic series dealing with interpersonal drama
Charlie Brown's usual catchphrase

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