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Can you name the things comprised of three words of the same length?

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I came, I saw, I conquered (4)
Three-in-a-row game (3)
Species featured in Jaws (5)
Toy for aspiring chefs (4)
Clifford the ___ ___ ___ (3)
A Brief History of Time author, full name (7)
Equivalent retaliation or payment (3)
40th US President, full name (6)
State capital founded by Brigham Young (4)
Official currency of Panama and Palau (6)
The nine-day Queen of England (4)
Organization that battled ebola in 2014 (7)
Spanish pop band known for 'Macarena' (3)
Infant conceived with in vitro fertilization (4)
1967 Paul Newman film (4)
Person or thing that doesn't belong (3)
Knee part often torn by athletes (8)
Music-themed restaurant (4)
He is Borat, Ali G, and King Julien XIII (5)
Award won by Obama and Malala (5)
1999 Will Smith shoot-em'-up movie (4)
Subspecies of Bobo and Harambe (7)
Popular Scottish New Year's song (4)
Game show testing song knowledge (4)
1978 rock song used as the CSI theme (3)
Baseball play or fled car accident (3)
Computer data storage type (6)
Archetypal sweetheart neighbor (4)
Smallest province of Canada (6)
Boned pork product popular at Chili's (4)

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