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Can you name the things comprised of one 3-letter word followed by one 4-letter word?

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'You Give Love a Bad Name' band
Amorous character in The Trickster of Seville
Costa Rican capital or Silicon Valley city
Portrayed Sam Seaborn on The West Wing
Phase when the lunar disk is invisible
Action movie franchise featuring Bruce Willis
US postal number, usually with 5 digits
Japanese island where a 1945 battle took place
Type of ocean mammal with large ear flaps
Design style exemplified by the Chrysler Building
Sign of danger or trouble, or a socialist symbol
Samuel Clemens' was Mark Twain
Former host of The Tonight Show
Short test given without prior warning
Product often genericized as ChapStick
Rosh Hashanah or Chinese Spring Festival, e.g.
Latin phrase meaning 'done without payment'
Afro-sporting host of The Joy of Painting
Texas senator who lost to Trump in 2016
Yellow protagonist of Sesame Street
State home to Buffalo and Rochester
Lead vocalist of Guns N' Roses
Second most populous city in Israel
Cosmological model for the origin of the universe
Small citrus hybrid fruit often used in pies
American clothing store owned by Gap
West African island paired with Príncipe
Chinese cabbage with smooth leaves
Facility used to clean motor vehicles
Current CEO of Apple Inc.

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