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Communist country that borders China and Russia
'Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?' movie
Director of Annie Hall and Midnight in Paris
Cartoon character who drives the Mach Five
African country that gained independence in 2011
Genre of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden
Chernobyl or Three Mile Island, for example
Christopher Columbus' largest ship
Actor often connected to others by six degrees
First woman to win a Nobel Prize
Military branch focused on maritime security
World's highest waterfall
Atmospheric region that absorbs UV radiation
Portrayed Rose Nylund in The Golden Girls
Sucrose product containing molasses
Glass device that absorbs sunlight for energy
Document signed by King John in 1215
Christian figure also known as Father Christmas
11-time PGA Player of the Year
Kellogg's rainbow ring-shaped cereal
Home place of the US Executive Branch
Leading female opera singer, or a diva
Tournament style where all teams play each other
Capital city of Louisiana
Grocery store recently acquired by Amazon
Capital and largest city of Ethiopia
Wrist product that requires an iPhone
Largest fish species, named after a mammal
Rock band best known for 'All Star'
'Hungry Like the Wolf' band

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