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Can you name the things comprised of two 4-letter words?

Quiz Updated Jul 6, 2017

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Tropical plant used in body lotions
Counterpart of Pretoria and Bloemfontein
MLB legend who played for the Red Sox and Yankees
French name for duck or goose liver
Giant ape monster featured in many movies
New wave duo best known for 'Tainted Love'
Salt Lake City's NBA team
'One More Time' and 'Get Lucky' duo
1933 Marx Brothers film
All-purpose adhesive strip that is often silver
2000 survival film featuring a volleyball
Chinese city-state formerly occupied by Britain
Precipitation caused by buildup of pollutants
Shakespeare tragedy about a mad ruler
Feature of the moon or one Star Wars Force
Pop singer who performed 'Just Dance'
Its varieties include irons, drivers, and hybrids
Latin phrase meaning 'in good faith'
e.g. 'Family Feud' or 'Wheel of Fortune'
Da Vinci portrait that lacks eyebrows
Chinese stir-fried noodle dish
American agricultural crisis in the 1930s
Basketball shot coined by announcer Chick Hearn
'60s Motown vocal quartet
Co-writer of The Communist Manifesto
Body of water between Ohio and Ontario
Singer who would do almost anything for love
Alternate name for carbonated water
Product of A&W or Barq's
Ring-shaped toy named after Hawaiian dance

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