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Can you name the things comprised of two 3-letter words?

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Hard rock band known for 'Black Betty'
Brand of small packaged mints
Long-term cold global temperatures
Foot part scientifically known as the hallux
Meditative Chinese martial art
Oscar Mayer or Vienna Beef product
AMC drama series starring Jon Hamm
Style of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein
Spring holiday on the first day of a month
Neck accessory or shape of farfalle
Hippie or surfer slang for 'awesome'
Dorothy's metal companion
Alternate name for the manatee
Solid form of carbon dioxide
Body of water bordering Saudi Arabia
1986 action film starring Tom Cruise
Nestlé chocolate wafer bar
Band that performed 'Pinball Wizard'
Nickname for London's Elizabeth Tower
Team that plays at Fenway Park
Headwear of Monopoly mascot
Two all-beef patties, special sauce...
Parasitic insect that lurks on a mattress
Urban music genre developed in the 1970s

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