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Can you name the notes used in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask's ocarina songs?

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Forced Order
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Ocarina of Time
Zelda's Lullaby 
Epona's Song 
Saria's Song 
Sun's Song 
Song of Time 
Song of Storms 
Minuet of Forest 
Bolero of Fire 
Serenade of Water 
Requiem of Spirit 
Nocturne of Shadow 
Prelude of Light 
Majora's Mask
Song of Time 
Inverted Song of Time 
Song of Double Time 
Song of Healing 
Epona's Song 
Song of Soaring 
Song of Storms 
Sonata of Awakening 
Goron Lullaby 
New Wave Bossa Nova 
Elegy of Emptiness 
Oath to Order 

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