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When did Black Veil Brides form?
Where did the band originate?
Who is the lead singer of the band?
Who is the bassist of the band?
Who is the lead guitarist of the band?
Who is the rythm guitarist of the band?
Who is the current drummer of the band?
Who was BVB's female drummer?
What was ther first EP called?
What was their first album called?
What was their second album called?
What was their second EP called?
What was the full title of their third album?
What is their forth album called?
What is the word Ashley has tattooed on his stomach?
What name did Andy used to go by?
What is Jinxx's real name?
True or False: Jake Pitts has his own Youtube channel.
What is the BVB fanbase called?
What was the title of the movie they made for their Wretched and Divine album?
What age was Ashley when he moved to LA?
What are the names of Ashley's two Pomeranians?
What instrment besides guitar is Jinxx known for playing?
Guess the song: These words are burning inside me. Spent years in liquid harmony. This dream is who I wanna be.
What is Andy's solo project called?
Guess the song: I'll pray for morning, I swear I'll never let you die. These saints within us can bring this moment back to life. And my heart's held high with this battle cry.
We scream, we shout. We are the...

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