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a man who has authority over others; title assumed by some bishops
ruler who has complete control over a government
foreign soldier serving for pay
person who suffers or dies for his belifes
'a person sent forth'
belief said to be contrary to official Church teaching
official nominated to supervise government and command armies
to block a government law
official elected by plebeians
huge estates
make fun of
system of government in which officials are chosen by the people
rapid rise of prices
establishment of control over foreign lands and peoples
population count
to have authority over
a high Church official
member of the landholding upper class
group of people who conduct Christian services
bishop of Rome and head of the church
anointed king sent by God
basic military unit in Roman army
the application of science and mathematics to develop structures and machines
picture made from chips of colored stone or glass
bridge-like stone structure
to use

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