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Can you name the Chuck Norris 'Facts'?

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What can Chuck Norris' tears do?
What button isnt on Chuck Norris' keyboard?
What are Chuck Norris' two speeds?
What happens when Chuck Norris falls in water?
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris?
While urinating, what can Chuck Norris do?
One word Chuck Norris invented-
What can Chuck norris slam?
Acording to the theory of relativity, when can Chuck Norris Roundhouse kick you?
What does Chuck Norris use Rattlesnakes for?
what does Chuck Norris find delicious?
What is the only element Chuck Norris believes in?
How old was Chuck Norris when he got his drivers' license?
What did Chuck Norris do to Batman in the Ultimate Showdown?
How long does it take Chuck Norris to skeletize a cow?
What number has Chuck Norris counted to twice?
What word doesnt Chuck Norris know the meaning of?
What shape is Chuck Norris' House?
What makes up 70% of Chuck Norris' Body weight?
How does Chuck Norris refresh a web-page?
What is the first rule of Chuck Norris?
What does Chuck Norris Drink to get rid of heartburn?
Chuck Norris doesnt chew chewing gum, what does he chew?
Another word Chuck Norris invented-
What does Chuck Norris sweat?
What Country doesn't Chuck Norris beleive in?
What does Chuck Norris do When he wants an egg?
what does Chuck Norris describe as 'A sociable holder for blood and guts'?
where does Chuck Norris Do his food shopping?
What happens to everything Chuck Norris touches?
Another word Chuck Norris invented -
What did Chuck Norris do to Indiana Jones in the Ultimate Showdown?

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