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Which actor plays Mickey O’Neil in Snatch?
Which actor plays Rick O'Connell in The Mummy?
What was the name of the character Russell Crowe Plays in Gladiator?
Who directed Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels?
Who are the two main actors in Heat?
What do they call a quarter pounder with cheese in Paris, in Pulp Fiction?
In Blood Diamond, What is Danny’s surname?
Which two Batman villains appeared in the Dark Knight?
How many jobs in total did Forest Gump have
What is the name of the main character in Lion King?
What real life basket ball player acted in Space Jam?
What was the name to Liam Neeson Character in Taken?
What is the name to Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Inception?
What is the line after “martini” in James Bond?
Who played Donnie Darko?
What are the six colours in the gang, in Reservoir Dogs? Name them in alphabetical order
What is the famous game played in The Deer Hunter?
What sport does Happy Gilmore take up to buy his Grandma’s house back?
Who is the main actor in The Mask?
Who is the main Actor in I am Legend?
In Liar Liar, why can Fletcher not go a day without lying?
What drug is used in The Hangover?

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