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The 2 Ho's during the Save the Ho Campaign
Wrestled as the Black Phantom in the Early 90s
Stephanie McMahon Helmsley's personal trainer
5 Original Members of the Mean Street Posse
Kurt Angle's first opponent
Tiger Ali Singh's man servant
Three members of Pretty Mean Sisters
Declined to join the Ministry of Darkness
Number of wrestlers eliminated by Rikishi in the 2000 Rumble
Head of Security
Starred in Land of the Rising Venis
Answered Ivory's challenge on Raw (28/6/99)
Sable's bodyguard
Called Goldust mommy
Kane's first opponent
Won the Terri Invitational Tournament
Female EMT
Essa Rios' previous name
Undertakers 8th Mania Victim
Members of the Disciples of Apocalypse
Had a scar from a drive by shooting in 1987
Longest reigning Light heavyweight Champion
Replaced Undertaker in the Unforgiven 99 Main Event
Last member to join Kai-En-Tai
Son of Jerry Lawler
Trouble making messenger in 2000
Ex Pig Farmer who became a Streaker
William Regals original Attitude gimmick was
Al Snows Pet dog
The X-Pac and ? Christmas Story
Hall of Famer who joined the Oddities
Replaced Hawk in LOD 2000
Lawyer of the Nation of Domination
Members of the Union
The Godwinns became ? In 1998
Droz & Albert's Drug dealer
Oldest McMahon child
Holly Cousin with most Hardcore title reigns
Replaced The Patriot in Team USA at Survivor Series 97
R-Truths Attitude name
Edge & Christian's hired goons during the Los Conquistadors angle
Mankind's clown
Attacked Jerry Lawler at Unforgiven 2000
The 4 members of the Radicalz
The 4 Original Members of D-Generation X
Kurt Angle's Three I's
Their spot was given to Drew Carey in the 01 Rumble
First to join Steven Richards in Right to Censor
Managed the Truth Commission
Chris Jericho dressed as ? In his feud with William Regal
Former WWF World Tag Team Champion never to enter a Royal Rumble
WCW star Crowbar competed as ? In the Light Heavyweight Title Tournament
Truth Commission member Tank previously wrestled as

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