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Can you name the Bad Girls Characters (UK Series)?

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Played ByCharacterSeries
Linda Henry1-5
Alicya Eyo1-5
Debra Stephenson1-3,5
Sharon Duncan Brewster1-4
Joanne Froggatt1
Kika Miryless1-8
Lara Cazalet1-2
Victoria Alcock1-8
Mandanna Jones1-3
Jack Ellis1-7
Helen Fraser1-8
Joe Shaw1-2
Luisa Bradshaw-White1
Simone Lahbib1-3
Isabelle Amyes2-5
Lindsey Fawcett2-4
Claire King2-5,6
Tracey Wilkinson2-7
Nathan Constance2-4
Philip McGough2-3.5-7
Kim Oliver3-5
Pauline Campbell3-6
Kate O'Mara3
Kerry Norton3-4
Victoria Bush3-8
Lisa Turner3
Paul Opacic3-4
Siobhan McCarthy4
Nicole Farady4-5
Played ByCharacterSeries
Kellie Bright4
James Gaddas4-8
Michael Elwyn4-5
Andrew Lancel4
Maria Charles4,5
Stephanie Beacham5-8
Amanda Barrie5-8
Jennifer Ness5-6
Charlotte Lucas5-6
Tristan Sturrock5-7
Nikki Ammuka Bird5-6
Dannielle Brent6-8
Antonia Okonma6-8
Eva Pope6
Liz May Brice7-8
Nicola Stapleton7-8
Rebecca Hazelwood7
Laura Rogers7
Orlessa Atlas7
Ellie Haddington7-8
Andrew Scarborough7
Laura Dos Santos8
Helen Modern8
Colin Salmon8
Angela Bruce8
Sid Owen8
Amanda Donohoe8
Sandra DeSousa8

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