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Can you name the details about the 1998 film Lola Rennt?

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The square tile patterned pavement shown during Lola's runs is part of a famous square in Berlin. Name it or any of several landmarks there
Who does Lola encounter in the ambulance during the third sequence, whereupon she helps to stabilize his heart rate?
The film opens with short quotes about soccer/futbol from which German legend (chiefly known for the 1954 'Miracle of Bern')?
How many Deutsche Marks does Lola's boyfriend need in order to satisfy his crime boss?
What household item does Lola's mother request as Lola is running out the door?
What Alfred Hitchcock film does 'Run Lola Run' allude to by use of the spiral staircase and the painting of Kim Novak in the casino?
What German actress portrays Lola? She also stars in 'The Bourne Identity' and 'Blow.'
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Lola has a unique talent for piercing screams. How many times does she unleash it during the film?
When Lola's boyfriend intercepts the homeless man, what does he trade to recover the bag with the money?
The name of the film's director. He also helmed 'Heaven' and 'The International.'
The name of Lola's boyfriend
This is the number of minutes Lola has to reach her boyfriend -- Also her twice-winning roulette number
The theft of what prevents Lola from meeting her boyfriend at the movie's beginning?

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