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QUIZ: Can you name the mostly obsolete measurements used for wine and beer storage and transportation?

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To simplify matters, I have used only the old English imperial units here, excepting the description of the wine bottle clue. Also I threw in a couple of others to make each column have the same number of answers. Hope you enjoy!
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(A) It comes in these?! I'm getting one. 
(B) A newish form of carry-home beer = 4 A 
(C) Basic unit of volume = 8 A 
(D) Common cask ale container = 9 C  
(E) Dutch for 'small cask' = 2 D or ½ F  
(F) Made by a cooper = 36 C or 4 D 
(G) Aberforth Dumbledore's pub = 1½ F  
(H) What you sit on, and take with you. Equivalent of 2 G 
(J) Sounds like a measure of weight = 2,048 pints! 
(A) The two most common bottle sizes (750mL/1.5L) 
(B) See (C) for beer -- sounds like a 17th cent. ship 
(C) 15 B, or more than twice the biggest wine bottle 
(D) A little smaller than its counterpart (F) for beer 
(E) Rhymes with surname of 14th U.S. President 
(F) Identical to (G) for beer (less by 1½ B) 
(G) Like (D) for beer, 3 of them make (J) 
(H) Edgar Allen Poe's narrator finds 'a ____ of what passes for Amontillado.' This would be like 2 F. 
(J) Like (J) for beer, a tad smaller. 2 H 

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