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QUIZ: Can you name the works of literature than can pass through the Green Glass Door?

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Need some help with the word riddle? You may know it as "Deep, but not Profound" as well. Remember that behind the Green Glass Door: 1) you may attend classes at school or college but not courses at a university. 2) you may browse a collection of essays but not a library's card catalog.
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Jane Austen 
Joseph Conrad 
Charles Dickens 
Hermann Hesse 
Arthur Conan Doyle 
James Joyce 
Herman Melville 
Marcel Proust* 
Leo Tolstoy 
Edith Wharton 
Short Fiction
Roald Dahl 
Charlotte Perkins Gilman 
Ernest Hemingway 
Rudyard Kipling 
D. H. Lawrence 
Flannery O'Connor 
Edgar Allen Poe 
Alexander Pushkin 
J. D. Salinger 
Philip Sidney 
Edmund Spenser 
Walt Whitman 
Pierre Beaumarchais 
Anton Chekhov 
Henrik Ibsen 
William Shakespeare 
George Bernard Shaw 

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