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Can you name the fictional rabbits and hares from literature, movies, popular culture, etc?

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My dossierLagomorph
(#1) In this classic film with Jimmy Stewart, I am invisible, despite being six foot, three-and-one-half inches tall.
(#2) With me in the Monroe household, it is best to hide the vegetables, for I have been known to vampirize them!
(#3) Somewhere on the North American frontier, you might find me. I was nearly made the official mythological creature of Wyoming!
(#4) I am a trickster figure in African and African-American folklore, but I will likely stay out of the briar patch and in the Disney Vault indefinitely.
(#5) Dutch artist Dick Bruna created me for picture books in 1955
(#6) When it comes to advertising batteries, I came first! That pink fellow with the sunglasses is not welcome in my warren.
(#7) If you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further for I await you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth!
(#8) I am Beatrix Potter's creation. Often, I wear a jacket and shoes.
(#9) Like my cousin in (#3), I am elusive. I make my home in the alpine forests of Bavaria. I am also a popular vanity pet in World of Warcraft.
(#10 Some are not sure if this book title is a bunny's name, or an imperative command. Nevertheless, my 'touch-and-feel' appeal has kept me a best-seller since 1940.
(#11) My philosophy (Disney film, 1942): 'If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.' Also, I can move my left hind foot very rapidly when I get excited
(#12) In addition to my tardiness, I am known for carrying a pocketwatch, sounding a trumpet, and wearing the Queen's tabard.
(#13) I am Dr. Weird's invention on the 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' pilot, created to solve the world's 'vegetable problem.'
My dossierLagomorph
(#14) I am considered the number one cartoon character of all-time, according to TV Guide. Elmer Fudd likely disagrees...
(#15) I began as a fertility symbol, but you know me as a purveyor of eggs during a Christian holiday
(#16) I am a simple but cunning witch in J.K. Rowling's 'The Tales of Beetle the Bard'
(#17) Jake Gyllenhaal's surreal visions include me, a menacing, demented rabbit, a twisted spinoff of (#1)
(#18) Wearing a bow tie, I am the emblem of one of the world's best-known adult entertainment companies
(#19) It must be the chocolate eggs that make me cluck like a chicken
(#20) That Mind Manipulation-O-Matic machine transformed me from a mild-mannered, cheese-loving, claymation Lancashire inventor into this vegetable-devouring nightmarish monster!
(#21) Without possessing the Moon Pearl in the Dark World, Link becomes a bunny in this best-selling Super Nintendo game.
(#22) I am John Updike's best-known protagonist who sells kitchen gadgets
(#23) A young trophy wife, in the parlance of our times...I wear green nail polish on my rabbit's feet
(#24) Though I am animated, I engage in all-too human behavior: violent mood-swings, heavy drinking, and I married a buxom human wife. Robert Zemeckis directed my 1988 film.
(#25) I am Lee Scoresby's arctic hare dæmon in Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' triology. I share my name with a Puritan adulteress.

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