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Can you name the movie based on a screenshot of food or drink, or it being mentioned in the scene?

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I have changed the answers to read with one-character symbols for formatting purposes. There is a legend in the comments if you'd like to see all the answers. Lastly, the quotes more or less correspond to the scene, but it is hard to get them exact and still have them be guessable.
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'That's five dollars? You don't put bourbon in it or nothin'?'
'Tennis racket? Oh, I remember, I was cooking myself an Italian dinner.'
'I hear she's an atheist.' 'What's that?' 'I don't know.'
'He lives in North Hollywood on Radford, near the In-and-Out Burger...'
'Oh this is the night, it's a beautiful night, and we call it bella notte...'
'Colonel, that Coca-Cola machine. I want you to shoot the lock off it.'
'I guess you've noticed something a little strange with Dad.'
'Maple syrup is supposed to be on the table before the pancakes.'
'Four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup.'
'It’s a beautiful duck. It really is. But you's smiling at me!'
'My boy says he can eat fifty eggs, he can eat fifty eggs.'
'We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.'
'Ah, dessert! Chilled monkey brains.'
'Bring me four fried chickens and a Coke.'
'Did you see those, those raisins on TV? The ones that sing and dance and stuff?' 'They scare me.'
'No, I'm freakin' starving! I didn't get to eat anything today.'
'Hey, you got Arby's all over me.'
'...sitting in a row at ten o'clock in the morning drinking icy cold, Bohemia-style beer...'
(Silent Film)
'Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.' 'MMMMM!' 'You just made a yummy sound, so I thought you liked the dessert.'

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