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Knocking down only the center 5-pin on your first shot
Knocking down only the 5-pin and one 3-pin on your first shot
Knocking down only 5-pin, and the 3 and 2-pins on the same side, on your first shot
Knocking down only the 5-pin and both 3-pins on your first shot
Knocking down all pins except the right 2-pin on your first shot
Knocking down all pins except the left 2-pin on your first shot
The two culverts that line both sides of the lane
Name of the line separating the play area and the lane
Game format where 2 players play the same game, each alternating turns between frames
Term for a shot that removes the plexiglass above the lane, which is worth no points
Name of the organization that allows youths to compete across Canada
A score of 450 in a single game
Term for 3 strikes in a row
Successfully knocking down all the pins on your second shot
A completed frame which has neither a strike nor a spare
Award given to a youth bowler that wins 3 separate gold medals at the national level
Abbreviated POA
Name of the tournament that allows youth bowlers to compete in house, zone, provincial and national levels
Complimentary points added to a bowler's score, based on their average
Name of the Canadian organization of bowlers that are comprised of 'the finest 5-pin bowlers in Canada'
One of the two types of pin-setting systems currently in use
Canadian province split into Northern and Southern sections for national competitions
Term for a bowler's score, not counting handicap
Format in which bowlers compete against the bowler in the same position on the opposing team
Hitting only one pin when two or more pins are remaining
Finishing the game with 3 or more strikes
Game in which every frame has a strike or a spare
The pins left on a lane, usually after throwing the first two balls of a frame
Canadian association that represents the bowling center owners
Canadian body that governs the rules and regulations of the game

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