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What is the name of Tom Haverford's clothing rental store?
Who is the last person that would like to eat a banana?
What is the name of April and Andy's three-legged dog?
What is the name of the prankster who leaves peach pits as part of his M.O.?
Who can be described by Leslie as a beautiful tropical fish?
What is the nickname for Pete Disellio (Pawnee man known best for his game winning dunk during a High School basketball game)?
What is the name of the local news program hosted by Perd Hapley?
What is Councilman Jamm's catchphrase?
What is the name of the game created by Ben Wyatt?
Name that mini horse!
Where can you find the best waffles in the world?
What is the name of Tom Haverford's invention that combines a cleaning robot and music?
What is the name of the always unimportant and even abused man at the shoe shine stand
Looking into the eyes of this Tammy has been described as like looking into the eye of Satan's butthole. Tammy 1 or Tammy 2?
What is the name of the character who stars in his own performing arts show entitled 'Human Farm'?

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