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Iceland (I), New Zealand (N) or both (B)? Name the country given the clue

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Clue(I), (N) or (B)Extra info
It's a republic
The flag is blue, red and white
It has three official languages
It has the world's oldest Parliament
It was the first country in the world to give women the right to vote
It has had a woman as an elected or appointed Head of State
It has no standing army
It has two national anthems
Beer was illegal from 1915 to 1989
The highest point is more than 3,000 metres
There are geysers
Population density is less than 5 pop. / km2
The capital is not the largest city of the country
The capital has less than 400,000 inhabitants
The capital is the farthest from the Equator in its respective hemisphere
In the year 850, human population was 0
There are more sheep than people
There is only one native species of land mammal
There are no snakes
All flightless bird species are now extinct
It has qualified for the FIFA World Cup
It has won a Winter Olympic medal
It includes the second largest island in its continent
It's farther away from a continent
It's closer to Kyrgyzstan

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