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QUIZ: Can you name the [Pokimono] Names of Sorched Moutain Villagers/Regulars?

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HintNamesExtra Info
Has four older siblingsIs in a relationship
'Miii~'Is an older sibling
Ability: BlazeStarter Pokemon
Hard WorkingOwns a fluffy tail
Afraid of UrsaringsKnows Rain Dance
Weapon CrafterSmokes a lot
CalligraphyDislikes a lot of things
Knows how to singBirthday: March 21st
Shy and NaiveSamurai
Ability: HealerGirly
'Huhuhu~'Recently evolved
Naive NatureMartial Artist
Has a fianceDislikes taking medicine
Knows 'Moon Child'Is unable to speak
From a samurai familyWas murdered
Sadist/MasochistWears clothing that shows torso
'Moon Child'Formerly a Normal Type
Afraid of WaterRainbows
Stagename: 'White lily'Dancer

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