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Can you name the following things that begin with 'grand'?

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ClueGrand Answer
What the winner of a game show might receive
Michigan's second largest city, also known as 'Furniture City,' USA
Chasm carved out by the Colorado River
They determine whether there's enough evidence for a trial
'Some Kind of Wonderful' band
Large natural area in Wyoming, or the tallest mountain therein
2011 All-Star outfielder of the New York Yankees
Competitive chess's second highest rank
Nashville's weekly country music concert
Famous locale at 42nd St. and Park Ave. in NYC
Longest man-made river in the world
1937 French war film, or Styx's 7th studio album
Long trip for a band, or a long trip through a facility
Pendulum-based timepiece
Bitter orange-flavored liqueur
Famous 3-legged musical instrument
Momentous event in tennis or baseball
ClueGrand Answer
Impressive, overstated, or overblown--like this quiz!
Last, and usually most spectacular, act in a show
Setting of a 1932 film, or, more generally, any lodging house like it
Occasion for a ribbon cutting
Republicans, collectively
Pontiac model first produced in 1973
Popular, and controversial, crime-based video game series
Famous American folk painter of the early 20th Century
The bleachers, or to try to impress those sitting there
Self-important leader or figurehead
Major automotive race
Horserace held yearly at Aintree in Liverpool famous for its steeplechase
One side of World War II, collectively
Pompous, pretentious, or overly flashy, as a speech
Sum at the bottom of a ledger, e.g.

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