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QUIZ: Can you name the James Rolfes (AVGN) Top 30 Movies.?

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RankMovieYear Released/Director
301993/Steven Spielberg
291964/George Pal
281983/Brain De Palma
271968/George A. Romero
261963/Don Chaffey
251975/Milos Forman
241989/Stevn Spielberg
231989/Tim Burton
221963/John Sturges
211959/Alfred Hitchcock
201987/Stanley Kubrick
191966/Sergio Leone
181963/Wolfgang Reitherman
171954/Alfred Hitchcock
161982/Ted Kotcheff
RankMovieYear Released/Director
151975/Steven Spielberg
141984/Rob Reiner
131982/Tim Burton
121984/Joe Dante
111958/Alfred Hitchcock
101999/Chris Smith
91939/Victor Fleming
81991/James Cameron
71977/George Lucas
61971/Mel Stuart
51976/John G. Avildsen
41984/Ivan Reitman
31985/Robert Zemeckis
21933/Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack
11963/Stanley Kramer

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