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Can you name the members of SKUNDAVE based on the following facts?

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Forced Order
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President of NHS
Did Winter Track for only 2 Years
Dev Patel
Can only play under the bridge, but isn't bad at it...
Knows how to speak Polish
Drives a Different Car Every Week
Knows how to speak French
FHS Member
Doesn't Really Drive
Loves Koala Bears
Spanish 5, SGA, Journalism
Did Spring Track for Less Than 3 Years
HUGE Bob Marley Fan
Father is Vin Diesel
James Franco
Physics, 3D Art 1
Uriah Heep
Can play the guitar pretty well
Took AP Computer Science
Sandra Oh
AP Euro, Learning Seminar, 3D Art 1
Been to Africa
HUGE Beyoncé Fan
Can Name Any Celebrity Baby's Full Name
New to Mad XC in 06
Invented the word sporging
Took Philosophy/World Religions
Can Name all 195 countries in the world, no sweat
Easily the coolest one in SKUNDAVE
Played Mad Basketball
Coached a VYI or VYS team
Took Latin
3D Art 1, Journalism
Loves Dolphins
Sandra Bullock
New to Mad XC in 08
Captain of a Madison Sports Team
Kal Penn
Never did Mad XC
Spanish 5, AP Psychology, Learning Seminar
Visits Europe Anually
HUGE Journey Fan
Did Winter Track for 4 Years
Loves Sting Rays
Loves Sandra Bullock
Did Winter Track for only 1 Year
Father is a minister
HUGE Foreigner Fan
Never Did Spring Track
New to Mad XC in 09
AP Euro, Journalism, 3D Art 1
New to Mad XC in 07
Never did Winter Track
Drives a Purple Vehicle
Drives a Green Vehicle
Got into school in Hawaii
Lived in Europe
Played Mad Soccer
Physics, 3D Art 1, Combatting Intolerance
Loves Cats (morseo than dogs)
Drives a Blue Vehicle
Been To Argentina
Did Spring Track for 3 Years
Is Biracial
NSHS Member
Knows all the words to Sir Mix-A-Lot's Big Butts
Physics, 3D Art 1
Can play Drops of Jupiter on the piano
Can Name The Year of any Disney or Pixar Movie

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