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Character DescriptionCharacter
A young, optimistic boy living with his grandparents, often called 'Football Head' by his peers.
Arnold's loving, storytelling grandfather.
Arnold's wise but eccentric grandmother.
A selfish, lazy con man from Czechoslovakia who lives in Sunset Arms Boarding House.
The loving wife of the former clue.
A short man who works as a demolition worker and also lives in Sunset Arms.
A Vietnamese immigrant who works at a Mexican restaurant and lives at Sunset Arms.
Arnold's best friend, always seen sporting a number 33 jersey.
Clue 10's father.
Clue 10's brother.
Clue 10's sister.
Arnold's slightly overweight Jewish friend; somewhat of both a bully and a friend to Arnold.
Said character's father.
Clue 15's mother.
A girl who constantly belittles Arnold but secretly is in love with him.
Clue 18's father, works as a beeper salesman.
Clue 18's mother, possibly an alcoholic (though never confirmed).
Clue 18's sister, a seemingly perfect college-aged girl who is loved by everyone.
The smartest girl in Arnold's class, Clue 18's best friend.
Clue 21's father.
Clue 21's mother.
The richest girl in Arnold's class, one of the 'cool kids' in 4th grade.
Clue 25's father.
Clue 25's mother.
An incredibly nice, humble, and seemingly perfect farm girl whom Arnold has a crush on.
A tall, skinny boy from Arkansas in Arnold's class.
Character DescriptionCharacter
A scrawny, red-headed boy in Arnold's class who is both geeky and optimistic.
Said character's father.
A somewhat paranoid boy in Arnold's class who always wears a green hat backwards.
An incredibly psychotic boy in Arnold's class who wears glasses and has a bowl haircut.
A nerdy girl in Arnold's class who is friends with Eugene and hates violence.
A 'cool' girl in Arnold's class; best friends with Clue 25.
A Korean American boy in Arnold's class.
A boy who continually stalks Clue 18 and is known for constantly breathing deeply and getting his glasses broken.
A Hispanic American boy in Arnold's class who is incredibly rich.
A resident bully of Arnold's class whom Arnold tutors in math.
A younger boy completely obsessed with chocolate.
The 5th Grade bully of the show; loves picking on Arnold and his friends; not terribly bright.
Said character's sidekick.
A suspicious looking 5th grader who deals in all the shady businesses of the school (e.g. following someone to enforce the rules of a bet.)
A very pretty 6th grade girl, whom Arnold has a crush on.
A very mean and annoyed 6th grade girl whom Clue 15 is friends with.
Arnold's first 4th grade teacher; an optimistic, cheery woman with gray hair.
Arnold's second 4th grade teacher; a former drill sergeant and very strict military man.
Arnold's third 4th grade teacher; the nicest, nerdiest and most sensitive teacher to his students.
The principal of Arnold's school.
The school coach; often gets Arnold and his friends to join different teams.
A local butcher who ends up becoming a politician.
A poor man who fights crime on the streets and has a huge fascination with monkeys.
A quiet man who prefers the company of pigeons to people.
A kid who was known for never leaving his favorite spot.
The unfriendly, slightly deranged driver of the Jolly Ollie Ice Cream truck.

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