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Can you name the Can you answer the following questions about the Great Lakes??

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Which is the largest Great Lake?Also the coldest!
Which is the deepest Great Lake?Ear popping deep!
Which is the 2nd largest Great Lake?Also has the largest city on the lakes
Which is the 3rd largest Great Lake?Georgian Bay is a beautiful part of it
Which is the 4th largest Great Lake?The closest lake to the Sea
Which is the smallest Great Lake?Also the shallowest
What is the major winter weather associated with Great Lakes?Ask someone in Buffalo
What is the largest city on the Great Lakes?Not the mistake by the lake
What is the 2nd largest city on the Great Lakes?Not American
Which state has the least shoreline on the lakes?45 miles
Which state has the most shoreline on the great lakes?No wonder it's called the Great Lakes State
Which state which has shoreline on 2 Great Lakes, but no ocean frontageNicolet landed here
Which state which has shoreline on 2 Great Lakes and the oceanErie Canal connects them
What is the largest island in freshwater in the worldIn Lake Huron
Which country has the most Great Lakes shoreline?Only 125 more miles
Which is the only Province with shoreline?For our Canadian friends
Which is the only US National Park on the Great Lakes?Wolves and Moose
What will drain Lake Erie as they recede?Don't attempt the barrel stunt at that point
Which lake is sometimes called the 6th Great Lake?I wouldn't call it great
Which river connects Lake Superior to Lake Huron?This one's a lock
Which is the largest lake on a freshwater island in the world?Great trivia question
Which county in Wisconsin is a prominent peninsula in Lake Michigan?Great cherry pies too
Which shipwreck in modern times highlighted the hazards of Great Lakes shippingGordon Lightfoot taught us about it
Which rivers connects Lake Huron to Lake Erie?Detroits connection to the lakes
Which river connects Lake Erie to Lake Ontario?NOT a nice gentle boat ride between the lakes
What connects Lake Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean?Minnesota to Labrador, what a trip
Which famous bridge crosses the Straits of Mackinac?They'll drive you across if you're scared to drive it yourself
What can't you take to Mackinac Island?Take in the Grand view
Which war was the Battle of Lake Erie fought during?Perry takes the day
What do the Great Lakes have 1/5th of all the worlds supply of?Who has the other 4/5ths?

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